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Power Cords Goes Green H05Z1Z1
Halogen Free Themoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Protective sheathy for low smoke and reduced emission of toxic, corrosive gass

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Power cords by comarel

Since 1996, Comarel provides as Agent and Exclusive Distributor for France commercialization of AC power cords.

Based on its experience, the site " " allows professionals to quickly find standard products tailored to their needs.

Exclusive FELLER agency for france

World leader,FELLER offers a wide range meet international standards and medical world you can connect. Meets Rohs, Reach or Halogen Free, ISO 9001-2008 certified FELLER holds over 85 certifications.

The quality system is regularly audited by FELLER several international organizations such as Intertek, SII, SABS. In addition, quarterly audits are performed by ÖVE and a monthly check of the quantities produced by UL.

Present in EUROPE-ASIA-USA, the company FELLER has 4 production sites.

An answer for every need

From the large group to the PME, Comarel involved at each stage of development and manufacturing or functional subsystems.

Besides technical support efficient, Comarel offers a permanent stock of over 90.000 cords available within 48 hours.

Together, find the right cord ...

Power cords by Comarel